I am Mojas Awale aged 35 years. I stay in Ichalkaranji, and had acute cholelithiasis. On neighbor’s recommendation I visited Rainbow hospital in Kolhapur city. The surgery was done laparoscopically and recovery was rapid. I resume my work within a week with minimal loss of working days

Mojas Rajnikant Awale, Ichalkaranji
35 years

With the gall bladder pain, I couldn’t even sit properly, the pain was so severe that it was difficult to even visit hospital, but somehow we reached to the doctor, and recovery was faster than we thought. The surgery was an eventful. The friendly atmosphere in hospital with caring staff speeded the recovery and enhanced overall experience. I would definitely suggest Rainbow hospital to all my acquaintances.

Simanta Vithoba Bhingude, Shingnapur

I underwent Laparoscopic Cholecysectomy. Due to Dr. MansinghAdnaik’s suggestion we chose laparoscopic surgery over open one and I personally felt that the recovery was faster and I was able to resume my routine life within 1 week.

Yashoda Dhanaji Patil
42 years

I came across Rainbow hospital when I was suffering from acute cholelithiasis. I was afraid as I was younger and did not want any risk. Doctor consulted and gave us a hope. I was especially worried as I had recently given birth to my 1st child and was nursing mother. As Dr. Adnaik sir explained that I can nurse my child before and immediately after surgery and I could undergo surgery without giving up feeding my baby. My fear and apprehension was ill found and I recovered smoothly and shortly after surgery.

Vaishali Appasaheb Korvi
27 years

We heard a lot about Rainbow hospital and about its modern and updated approach to treat patients, I consulted with the doctors from Rainbow Hospital and I am satisfied with the results.

Dr. Abid Abdulkarim Maner, Karad
37 years

Due to unhealthy eating habits, I developed problem of acute cholelithiasis. Doctor treated me and also told me the importance of healthy eating habits. He also suggested me dietician for long term benefits.

Laxmi Basavraj Hokrani
58 years

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