Painless Labor-Labor Analgesia

Painless Labor-Labor Analgesia

Giving birth to child is as good as rebirth of women. This is because labor pain is the most extreme pain a person can bear. Now seeing your baby face after this pain must be most memorable moment but what mother go through is whole other level of torture. With advances in science many miracles are reaching humans. One such miracle is painless labor. Even listening this “painless” might give lots of wow feelings to every other lady.

What is Analgesia?

It means loss of ability to feel the pain while you are conscious.and labor analgesia is painless labor

Painless Labour

Painless Labor Procedure

While performing these procedures mother’s position also matters. She can seat with maximum knee extension with forward lean. By this doctors find the midline between the vertebras

Regional one is commonly used in United States. There are two types of regional analgesia. These both can be used in a combination as well.

Epidural Analgesia

Space between outermost membrane of the spinal cord and vertebral wall is epidural space.Epidural analgesia is passed in to this epidural space.

Spinal Analgesia

Spinal injections are usually single injections which are given into the intrathecal space (route through which injection reaches spinal cord).

Non Regional methods are -

  • TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
  • Immersion
  • Massage
  • Water blocks
  • Continuous support

What are its Benefits?

  • Child birth without pain - a definite yes.
  • Relaxes your vaginal muscles, and provide space for the baby to descend.
  • Usually while pregnancy blood pressure of the women increases and sometime shoots so high that it may end into a stroke but using this method, it may have a drop in a blood pressure to some level.
  • If the mode of delivery is c section, epidural analgesia is very helpful.
  • It prevents the damages to the pelvic muscles.

What are its Side Effects?

  • It causes dizziness and backache.
  • Some studies show that babies born in painless deliveries could be little slow and can have problem with the breast feeding.
  • There can be numbness in the lower body. You might need help in walking because of the numbness.

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