Prenatal Counselling


Being a parent is not a cakewalk. Woman goes through both physiological and psychological changes at a time. And watching one’s partner to have so many differences can be difficult to handle for a man. On the news of pregnancy whole family seems to be a bundle of joy. But as time passes and body starts showing changes woman goes through emotional roller coaster. Her body changes, even a small weight gain causes so much uneasiness to her, about her looks, about her personality, she gets anxious. This reaction is but obvious in an era of a zero figure. Plus the sudden temptation of the things she never ate before, having a constant sad mood, increased cantankerous makes her wonder why is this happening.

But having someone by your side who is having the same experiences might lessen your worries. If a pregnant lady meets other pregnant one, they both are like, “Yesss!! I also had this one” and they are happy to share their saddened faces together.

Well what if you had someone to go to for such kind of discussions who is willing to listen you, solve your problems without hesitation and is excellent in this area? Yes, you are getting it right; we as a gynecologist and a counselor are ready to listen to all the stuff that keeps rotating in your head, and ready to answer all your if’s and what’s.

What benefit can you avail through such sessions?

  • Counselor helps you understand what is normal and what is abnormal during your pregnancy.
  • Your mood swings, your changed habits are all to be discussed with this person.

Also the cultural considerations, lectures about what to behave how to behave must be keeping your mind confused and creating more anxiety.

Depression, anxiety, trauma are the all together bring your mood to the lowest. With all such complications it would be a lot better if you have expert’s advice in these matters.

Well till now the focus was on mother but what about the duo having a baby?

Being life partners to being parents is really challenging shift. Roles of mother and father require paradigm shift from the role of husband and wife. Having such role shifting can be difficult and stressful.

We help you to release this tension by making you comfortable.

We try to make you understand things in a different and a positive manner which makes you happier about your responsibilities than stressed parents.

So, only happy parents can make a happy and a healthy kid, so choice is yours.

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