Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage!!! Well, before we speak anything about this, a word itself triggers the emotions. Every person differs and so their expectations about different topics. We live in a democratic country where we are supposed to respect each other’s opinion and space but sadly few of us follow this moral. Problem arises when you impose your thoughts on others. But, why am I reading about these thoughts, sharing and respect and stuff. Because it’s all about marriage.

Two people getting married bring different families, culture, societies together, which is heartwarming bond for everyone. As we see in the romantic movies which end with “happily ever after” there is nothing really alike to reality. Well I am not scaring you, but telling you a different version or aspect of it.

When we look at someone as a life partner, we are fond of some of their qualities. But living with the bad qualities as well is a challenge. Pre marital counseling is breaking ice on different topics between to be husband and wife.

It is a therapy that helps couple to prepare for a marriage. It is often provided by licensed therapist and so do we.

We help to establish communication between the partners on different aspect like -

  • Finance
  • Desire to have children
  • Family relationships
  • Roles in marriage
  • Sex and Affection
  • Dealing with the conflicts

With this communication, we try to bring more transparency in a relation. Couple is made aware of the nature of the partner, helps him/her understands the norms and value s/he holds.

Before marriage if one is aware about the nature of a person it helps the other to predict the reaction and work in a right way.

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