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What is CBD exploration?

Common Bile Duct (CBD) exploration is a laparoscopic procedure in which bile duct is opened to remove gallstones from it.

The common bile duct connects the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas to the small intestine.

When CBD Exploration is Done?

If stone from gallbladder enters into bile duct it creates partial or complete blockage for the bile to flow. This causes jaundice with symptoms like yellowing of skin & an eye, fever, and chills. Along with it severe abdominal pain due to infection/inflammation of the bile duct, gallbladder or pancreas is also observed.

It is mostly done immediately after removing the gallbladder i.e. cholecystectomy.

How CBD Exploration Surgery is done?

Surgery begins with giving patient general anesthesia which makes him completely unconscious during the surgery.

Four Incisions of 5-10 mm diameter are made in the abdominal wall.

Through these incisions a special tube viz. cannula is inserted. Through cannula, Carbon Dioxide is pumped into the abdomen causing it to inflate. This inflated abdomen helps the surgeon to locate CBD and gives space to perform surgery.

The surgeon reaches CBD with the real-time images transmitted by Laparoscope, opens it and takes it out gallstones from one of the incisions. After removing all stones the CBD is sutured back.

Finally, incisions are cleaned, closed and dressed.

How long does one need to stay in the hospital after CBD Exploration?

This laparoscopic surgery requires very short hospital stay which may extend to ---- days.

Full recovery from surgery takes about four to six weeks.

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