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What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopic also known as “minimally invasive” surgery is a specialized technique for performing surgery using special instrument viz.

Laparoscope.A laparoscope is a long, thin tube with a high-intensity light & a high-resolution camera fitted at the front.

How is Laparoscopic Surgery done?

Few incisions of 0.5-1 cm are made on the abdomen of the patient. These incisions are called ‘port’.

At each incision, a tubular instrument known as trochar is inserted.

Through these trochars, a Laparoscope is entered into the abdomen.

Carbon dioxide is pumped into the abdomen to inflate it so that the surgeon can easily see internal organs and work comfortably.

Laparoscope transmits images of internal organs to an external monitor in the operation theatre.

The surgeon watches these real-time images and performs the surgery accordingly.

How is Laparoscopic Surgery done?

Which are the most common Laparoscopic Surgeries?

These types of surgeries are done for the organs present in the abdominal cavity like Intestine, Gall Bladder, Rectum etc.In Rainbow we do following surgeries

What are the advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery?

In comparison with traditional open surgery Laparoscopic Surgery

What are the side effects of Laparoscopic Surgery?

This type of surgery is highly safe one with no side effects.

In rare cases, bleeding, infection, damage to abdominal organs, complications from general anesthesia, inflammation of the abdominal wall could happen

What is a difference between Laparoscopic Surgery and Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a diagnostic procedure done to identify and diagnose the source of pelvic or abdominal pain.It’s usually performed when other noninvasive diagnostic methods such as ultrasound, MRI, CT, X- Ray proves ineffective

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