Parental Care

Antenatal Care

As of every other medical term this one also has a simple meaning but a difficult name and pronunciation or hard to predict what disease it is or what care they are talking about. This one is related to pregnant women taking care of baby inside them. Also, known as prenatal care, i.e.; before birth care. Every women wish to have motherhood once in a lifetime considering it as blessing knowing only she can have it without any gender discrimination. Well jokes apart, having your baby sums up all the happiness of a life, so taking care of that child must have been a priority one of parents.

This care starts when a women confirms her pregnancy. 9 months are considered as developing of a fetus or an unborn baby. In these 40 weeks period there can be various issues that a mother can face. Or even if she doesn’t, it is necessary for her to visit the doctor for regular checkups who can test the health of a baby and mother.

Antenatal Care

Few years back when technology didn’t reach to every part and rural to urban gap was wide, pregnant women couldn’t get themselves a doctor for these routine checkups. They used to follow the traditional ancestral practice for their pregnancies and deliveries which had problems such as -

  • Risk of death of mother or child or both.
  • As well as birth defects, low birth weight and other health problems would occur.
But today these risk factors could be almost eliminated using scientifically designed technique of Antenatal Care.

Under Antenatal Care we Offer -

  • Consultation of patient on what changes in behavior you might observe, physiological and psychological both.
  • If any problem is occurred or seen in a baby or a mother we give proper treatment before it gets too late.
  • Different charts are filled in our hospital showing the changes from the first month to the last, these changes can be of blood pressure, weight, and different medications, heart rates of both mother and child.

Moreover, during this antenatal care a woman undergoes different tests to confirm she and her baby are going well.

We provide physical examination which consists of -

  • Collection of (mother's) medical history
  • Checking (mother's) blood pressure
  • (Mother's) height and weight
  • Pelvic exam
  • Doppler fetal heart rate monitoring
  • (Mother's) blood and urine tests
  • Discussion with caregiver

We recommend having first antenatal care in first 8 to 12 weeks.Then once in a month till 28th weeks.And twice in a month till 36th week because it is crucial period.

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